About Torch CI

Torch CI is a simple Continuous Integration (CI) platform designed for modern PHP applications and fine-tuned for Laravel. Torch takes the hassle out of configuring your CI pipeline for your PHP applications. We want you to focus on building your application, and not to spend time configuring CI or debugging your tests.

Torch takes care of all common tasks needed to run build pipelines for PHP and Laravel applications, such as:

  • Environment variables - Torch takes care of injecting all necessary environment variables that you need to run your Laravel applications
  • Easily customizable environment - Everything from PHP, Composer and even NPM versions are easily customizable via a very simple YAML file or the UI
  • Database and cache integration - With one click, Torch offers a variety of database engines and cache drivers so you match the production database and cache infrastructure
  • Build hooks - With build webhooks, integration between Torch and Laravel Forge (opens new window) or Envoyer (opens new window) for deploying your application is seamless
  • Slack and email notifications - Never miss a failed test by integrating Slack or email notifications for all your applications
  • Private Composer authentication - Use our encrypted Composer authentication feature to gain access to private Composer repositories
  • Logging - If your application writes to a log file, debugging couldn't be easier than just reading those log files right from the UI

All applications are ran in containers designed to match Laravel Forge (opens new window) environment, so there's minimal difference between your application's CI pipeline and production infrastructure.

Torch Dashboard

Getting Started

Getting started with Torch is very easy. It requires a valid account. You may sign up using the signup form or using any of the source control providers. For your convenience, we support all major source control providers (Github, GitLab and Bitbucket).

Two-factor authentication

We recommend enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account to increase your account's security. When 2FA is enabled, you'll be provided with a QR code that you may scan using a smartphone app, such as Google Authenticator (opens new window).

Since all resources in Torch, such as projects, builds and members are associated with teams, Torch creates your account's personal team when you sign up. This is the team that cannot be deleted from Torch.

After you sign up, you are assigned to free plan where you may freely use all Torch features, but are limited to a single project. You may subscribe to a monthly or yearly billing plan at any time. All subscription plans offer unlimited builds, unlimited team members, unlimited build steps and unlimited build hooks.

Faster Builds

Our Business Plan offers you much faster builds by running your builds in containers with more CPU and memory resources.


If you have any questions, find any bugs or need anything else, send us an email at and you'll receive an answer within 24 hours. You may also find other contact information at the Support (opens new window) page.